must have registry items

We recently asked a group of men and women what their favorite wedding gifts were. We got a lot of feedback and decided to make you this must have registry guide including the most popular choices. Enjoy and happy registering!


A vacuum: from carpets to wood flooring, a good vacuum will do the trick in a short amount of time. It's not a traditional request, but you won't regret it.

Plateware: well everyone's gotta eat. Be sure to register for enough of each that you'll be able to have a dinner party without needing to eat of plastic! 


Cast Iron Skillet: great for cooking just about anything you'd want — these skillets can cook most of your favorite meals to perfection.

Kitchenaid Mixer: Not only do these come in several color options; these also have numerous attachments. Mix or make pasta!


Depending on where you are going and how you are traveling, you may want to insert a different item. But for those camping lovers, a good tent will do!

You can never go wrong with a set of sturdy luggage!


Save yourself from going out and spending lots at a theater by renting a movie, using your popcorn maker, and snuggling at home!

In the days of Olivia Pope, you can never go wrong with huge wine glasses. Pair it with your popcorn and you've got a great night in!