spring wedding colors

So you want a spring wedding, but you don't want to have a specific theme? That's okay! Some of the most beautiful weddings focus on color over theme. Today we've picked out some of our favorite spring color palettes. Happy planning!

If you're a fan of millennial pink and the rest of the classic spring colors, this is a perfect palette for you! Imagine the goregeous floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses that can fit with this color scheme!

If you're the type of bride that is interested in more subtle tones, you'll love this palette. This array of purples, grays, and blues mix beautifully with a pop of vivid color to create a lovely combination! 

If you want to have lots of bold colors then this mixture of deep purples and greens with a hint of light pink is a great choice!

There you have it! These are three of our favorite springtime color combos. Do any of these strike your fancy? What's your favorite color mixture?