vendor spotlight: nancy nguyen liles

Name: Nancy Nguyen Liles
Business Name: Sweet T Salon
Industry Category: Beauty/Hair/Makeup

What mistakes do you often see couples make?
Couples often don't prioritize what they want in their wedding planning process and end up running out of money before the end and not getting what they want or going over budget. They need to figure out what is more important to them, whether it be photographs, hair/makeup, good food, the dress, etc. and make sure to set aside a decent portion of the wedding budget for that before planning everything else. Having a budget is important and allotting it to different areas helps to avoid this issue.

What's the best tip you have for couples planning a wedding?
Budget! Even if the family is providing some of the money to help pay for it, find out exactly how much money you have to spend on the wedding and stick to it. Research, find vendors that you like and can trust with good recommendations at the fairest price. Don't be afraid to look elsewhere if the vendor cannot provide the service that you want and work within your realistic budget. Wedding planners are also great assets in planning a wedding. While you have the added expense of a wedding planner, you have the peace of mind knowing that things will get done and you are able to relax.

Salons also have experience with helping you prepare for the morning of your wedding. The stylists can help plan your schedule 90-days in advance so that you know you and your party will look your best on your wedding day. Wedding planners and salons can have good relationships with wedding vendors. You can have wedding vendors and salon professionals be involved as much or as little in the whole process as you choose.

What don't couples know about your business category that they need to know?
There is more involved in bridal hair than simply showing up and doing hair. Whether you are coming to a salon to have your hair done or you are having the Sweet T Salon team travel to you, the price you pay actually gets you a lot in this industry. Stylists research well before your wedding date tips and tricks on the best way to get you the exact look you want with the type of hair you have. There is a lot of set up and breakdown involved as well as booking themselves away from other clients for longer periods of time to be sure they have enough time to accommodate the bride and make her look perfect for her big day. The professional salon team draws up a plan to give you and your wedding party the perfect look with the right product, equipment, pins, etc. We are all aware of the fact that this is the biggest day in a bride's life and do not take that lightly! We know that these pictures will be around for a long time and the bride will see her hair many times over the years as she looks at pictures reminicing about this day. We want those to be happy memories and for her to love her look!

What questions should couples be asking that they don't know to ask?
How much time will this appointment take? They need to be sure they have booked well in advance of the time they need to be ready to go. What is the cancellation policy? This is very important for couples to understand.

What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?
Relax! It can be very stressful and overwhelming but just remember this is YOUR special day. Everyone will have their own thoughts and opinions on how the couple should do things but in the end, this is their day and they should have the final say. Don't be afraid to say no if there are things happening that they don't agree with. This should be a day all about the couple and that's how they are going to want to remember it. This is the couple's day and it should be all about them and a reflection of who they are and their love for each other, not about what the mom, maid of honor, or anyone else wants.

What's the most unusual wedding you've ever done?
We styled a wedding on a Monday that happened to be Leap Day.

What is the most memorable wedding you ever worked and why?
We had a bride one time that had even more stress than a typical wedding. The night before her wedding, her car got broken into at the hotel they were staying at and her purse and everything in it got stolen. She was up all night trying to cancel credit cards and deal with the aftermath. The next day started early and she showed up to the salon tired but ready for her big day. We made her look beautiful, she even fell asleep in the chair while getting her makeup done. She contacted us that night wanting to cancel her appointment as she didn't have any access to funds to pay the balance. We ended up working with her. In the end, her wedding was beautiful and perfect. Everything ended up working out, most of her stuff was returned surprisingly, and the couple had their dream wedding and an amazing honeymoon.